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Training Program Launch: 5 Practices for Smooth Onboarding

So you finally decided to sign up your organization for an associate training program. What happens next?

A structured, well-tailored, and learner-focused onboarding process is key to fostering motivation, engagement, retention, satisfaction, and the overall effectiveness of your training program.

Below are five practical tips on how to smoothly welcome your junior associates to the firm and encourage them on their training journey.

Deal With Formalities First

After signing a contract with a training or learning platform provider, getting all the formalities organized in advance will give you the freedom to fully concentrate on supporting learner experience.


These include:

  1. Identifying the participating associates
  2. Updating your associates' contact information
  3. Choosing the combination of classes that suits the group
  4. Setting the pace of classes
  5. Confirming the schedule (i.e., kick-off orientation and live session dates) 

If you choose AltaClaro, all you need to do is sign a contract with us and send us the documents with preferences. We will take it from there. 

Don’t Forget About Welcome Emails

A personalized and creative welcome email is a multi-functional instrument. A welcome email is your opportunity to inform associates of what they can expect throughout their training. Providing this information in advance comforts, motivates, and inspires associates before the program even starts.

It may be helpful to attach pre-boarding documents like a training calendar, but do not overwhelm the associates with information. Some information, like the roadmap, can wait until the orientation session.

If you partner with us, we will automatically send a welcome email — with an interactive calendar and relevant pre-launch documents — to all enrolled employees. Just sit back for the AltaClaro magic. 

Arrange an Orientation Session

A group kick-off session is an ultimate must-have. An orientation meeting is your chance to communicate the goals of the training program and present further details. Also, orientation sessions provide associates with the opportunity to meet their instructor and each other, as well as a platform to ask any questions they may have. 

Through AltaClaro’s platform, we will provide you with a dedicated learning manager who will perform all administrative work for you. Our learning managers will ensure that every associate is set up properly and on track with the schedule. 

Develop Roadmap and Use It

We recommend designing a roadmap for each training program and using it as a focal point during the onboarding programs. A roadmap clearly articulate learning aims and expectations, and it helps to visualize your associates' path to success through major milestones. 

Personalize the Onboarding Process

If your training program presupposes elements personalized to each specialist or group of young lawyers, onboarding should support and enrich these components. Even if it doesn’t, a personal approach to onboarding benefits in deeper understanding your employees, proactive identification and resolution of their problems, and gathering high-quality qualitative data for training program improvement. You can start with making your course instructors accessible via private messaging on the learning platform. 

AltaClaro’s learning success manager will set up a 10-minutes call with each associate at the outset to ascertain their goals with the program and their background with the subjects. What is more, employees participated in the training will have access to our tutor to ask questions in between sessions.

Keep in Touch and Monitor

The onboarding process doesn’t end on the first day of training. Establishing practices to monitor your associates’ progress will allow you to support them at every stage of the program. For example, sending reminders and engagement emails is an effective way to keep everyone informed about assignment due dates. 

Your learning success manager, provided by AltaClaro, will always be there for your junior associates and routinely monitor for their success. Moreover, our real-time learning data analytics, mid-term and post-term reports allow you to effortlessly track each associate’s engagement, learning retention, and performance through the entire program. 

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