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Ascension Stories #27: Marcel Imery

Translating Complexity & Corruption into Entrepreneurial Opportunity

AltaClaro |
Sep 4, 2018

Marcel Imery is the founder of Venezuela-based law firm Imery Urdaneta, a professor, and an entrepreneur navigating one of the most challenging business and political environments in the world. In advance of his TEDx talk in Caracas (where he will address the importance of values and principles in the effort to “Re-Write the Venezuelan Identity”), we sat down with Marcel to learn about how he and his partners are forging opportunity in a cauldron of corruption and uncertainty.

Ascension Stories #26: Julie Ryan

Making Lawyers More Valuable

AltaClaro |
Jul 6, 2018

Like many law firm partners before her, Julie Ryan identified a basic skills gap in many junior transactional lawyers. Unlike most law firm partners, she decided to do something about it... something BIG. Her innovative courses (along with her soon-to-be-published text book) break the mold of traditional legal learning to provide her students and now junior professionals (using AltaClaro Master Classes) with an experience designed to leave them with practical skills that will allow them to shine in any transactional setting.

Ascension Stories #22: Nicole Page

AltaClaro |
May 8, 2018

If you're not excited about your work (at least most days), you're doing something wrong. So says entertainment and employment Partner Nicole Page. Her words are not spoken lightly.

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